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knock three times

    A mysterious visitor knocks at the door in the dead of night. A hauntingly monotone voice can be heard from the hallway. "Please let me in? I need help." the child insists. Meredith Rhodes is the maternal sort; a mother of two, and would normally never hesitate to help a child in need, but there's something not quite right . . . she can feel it in her gut. 

     What she discovers on the other side, she will soon learn, is just one of many disturbing reports of late-night visits from the mysterious black-eyed children. Who are they, and what do they want? The answer ties into a horrifying truth of global conspiracy that runs all the way to the heart of Vatican City.

     At the crux of this war of light and shadow, a mysterious Dark Man has already infiltrated the highest levels of government and Hollywood influence, and his greatest threat is Meredith's 10-year-old daughter Ashley. Does this young girl somehow hold the key to stopping this demonic madman, or will her family be but the first of many to fall? 

     Something wicked this way comes, as a vast conspiracy of a global insurrection of darkness now threatens to choke the life from the Earth. Trust no one, and keep your crucifix handy, because what is about to be revealed to the world will chill you to your very core.

    Knock Three Times is a stand alone novel, but also ties into the Neophyte series. Some of the characters will be featured in the third installment, Beast and the Harlot, officially finding it's position in the timeline. This story tells the tale of the human perspective, as the Neophyte stories are from the perspective of the insider.

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