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first of the fallen

The End is inevitable; this much has always been certain. 


    Debate as to the manner in which the world will meet its demise remains a mystery, the details cryptic and well hidden within literature of forbidden knowledge, not meant for the eyes of the general populous . . . until now. 

   Unknown to mankind, there exists a common link in our history, the crux of the survival and thriving of human civilization resting upon the shoulders of a small group of individuals. They where there at the Great Flood, at the fall of Troy, and even set the foundation of American Justice in Tombstone Arizona.

   They are the Neophytes; the knights of the ancient world.

   Their biggest obstacle is the flaws of human memory, a blank slate with the birth of every new life cycle, but though the body may whither and die in every passing generation, the soul remains immortal, and carries a veiled memory on its own.

  What secrets remain buried, in the deepest crevices of Michael Archer’s mind, he cannot possibly comprehend. When he wakes one morning in an urban alleyway, stark naked and drenched in blood, with no memory of who he is, or how he got there, nothing but questions remain.

  After a narrow escape from authorities, he is abducted and taken to the Sanctuary; a remote, arcane castle on the Northern border, older than the country itself. There, the Neophytes must unlock the secrets of his mind. Little by little, Michael begins to realize his crucial role in the pattern of the grand design; that of an ultimate theme of good versus evil. 

  He must come to grips with a devastating truth; that if he will not stand against the coming insurrection of terminal darkness, no one will.    CLICK HERE to start reading!


order of the golden dawn

Blood is as much a curse as a path in which we walk.

    Meric is a troubled youth living in England near the turn of the 19th century. Neglected and bitter, he was raised within a wealthy dynasty where family secrets are well kept and shrouded by a dark, mysterious past. He soon learns that his bloodline is interwoven with a secret society of the politically elite, with a complex agenda of the most sinister nature.

  After witnessing a horrific crime perpetrated by the infamous Jack the Ripper, Meric is faced with the gravest of ultimatums; he must choose between fleeing to the only place on earth where he could be safe from his demonic heritage, or join the ranks of the Order of the Golden Dawn.

  This second installment of the bestselling Neophyte saga weaves together many legendary stories and characters of the world of literature, historic events of the past, present and future, within the depths of the afterlife and beyond. From Amityville to Whitechapel, Auschwitz to Bohemian Grove, the puzzle is vast but the pieces have only just begun to reveal what may soon become the End of Days.

  This in-depth sequel is for the fans of traditional literature, horror and fairy tales. If you enjoy angels and demons, vampires and werewolves, diving into the complex web of the Neophyte's history, then the Order of the Golden Dawn is for you. CLICK HERE to read.


beast and the harlot

Love sets us free, but equally binds our fate. The single most dangerous emotion known to man has the ability to anchors us, and sometimes, may just plummet us to the depths of the merciless deep. 

  Three months have passed since Michael's return from the horrors of Hell. The Calling has brought hundreds to the Sanctuary, as the Neophytes now build an army of the bold and faithful. Each Elder now finds themselves teaching the masses, their students learning all there is to know about the beyond, and the grand agenda that awaits each and every one of them.

  The destruction of Belial's realm had unleashed his demonic minions upon the earth en mass. Michael, Urielle and the immortal Samael spend each waking moment traveling the globe, dealing with the worldwide paranormal pandemic, as the whole of the Vatican wing of exorcists find themselves overwhelmed and outgunned. Only when they learn of the specifics of the coming Antichrist's prophetic rise does Michael abandon the crusade to focus his purpose, and complete his training.

  A vital piece of the Infernal Machine (a device with the power to merge the realms and bring Hell to Earth) is located in the most curious and heavily protected place on the planet. In order to keep this weapon from the grasp of Lucifer and his hordes, the Neophytes will need the help of an insider, and Father Theron (a rogue Vatican Exorcist) must rise to the challenge.

  An epic standoff of good vs. evil awaits in the so-called Holy City, where demons lurk in the shadows, and the divine find themselves powerless. In order to be successful, Michael must put his trust in a long lost brother and his wayward cousin, as the fate of the world now dangles on the thinnest of threads. 

CLICK HERE to read.


    The Evolution of the Neophyte series has gradually transformed over the span of the last decade. There have been many life changes and curious forks in the road that have lead to the current series as a whole. When The Book of Neophyte: The Awakening was first launched, it was amateur, I'm sure many can agree. It was, in fact, my first attempt at writing a full length novel, and I still had much to learn. Since then, much has changed, and my understanding of the craft, design and general approach to the world of literature remains an ongoing adaptation. Rest assured, the story remains the same, for you die hard fans out there. Rest assured, I have never changed the meat and potatoes of the original novel, but simply added extra scenes, tweaked writing styles and even switched the narrative at one point.

  In 2011, the cover design was left up to my publisher, for the most part. Though I was not pleased with the design, it would have been a costly excursion to seek further help, and so I left it as is. There were many flaws, errors and common mistakes throughout the book, but regardless, the novel found it's way to Number 2 on Diesel Books: the biggest e-book website in the world at the time, just below the Aragorn series. It was then I discovered that although the writing was not up to personal or professional standards, the story itself was solid. And so began a long journey of revamping the entire book, complete with a new cover design. 

  Years later, I had come to the realization that I had made a rookie mistake, and a dire one at that. During book signings, while on tour, I found myself having to explain what a Neophyte was, painstakingly repeating the definition over and over again, every single time I spoke to a would-be reader. The average buyer would find themselves so focused on said explanation that they would quickly lose interest in the details of the story itself. This was a fatal marketing flaw, given the short attention span of the average joe. The name was clearly throwing people off. So, in 2019, I officially changed the name of The Book of Neophyte : The Awakening to First of the Fallen. 

  The world has changed greatly since the initial launch of the book, and so I must adapt as well. My initial fan base has long since moved on, and the consistent adaptation of the series has had some negative responses. And so, the final version of the book, I will offer FREE of charge for the foreseeable future. CLICK HERE to read.

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